Change is inevitable.

We all know this deep down as an irrevocable truth, yet often we dislike it, ignore it, or pretend it won’t happen to us.  Every so often, when talking with my community, I hear some comments like this:

“Remember the good ole’ garage days?  Man I miss those times”

Actually I hear that a lot.  I hear “This place has changed.”  or “Things are different.”  Yep.  They are.  When I published CFCM’s first amazing terrible website on iWeb and rolled up my garage doors for the first time, my world began to change.  I bet when you first walked into this place, your world changed too.

And I’ll tell you a little secret.  I miss those times too.

But this odd phenomenon known as “change” keeps happening.  More people kept coming, more gyms kept opening and in the same vein whereby we continually seek that next PR, we continued to make CFCM better and better as best we could.

Keep moving.  That’s been a motto of my life long before I got words to define it.  Should we have stayed small?  Should we have done things differently?  Should we have not moved spaces?  Should I have just stayed in my garage?  So many “shoulds”, so many different futures.  But we kept moving.  We made hard decisions, we expanded, and we grew.

I made the conscience decision that CFCM would be large enough to support as many people as are willing to be changed by it without compromising our core values of a community grounded in improving our health and fitness while having fun doing so.

Let me leave you with these final thoughts.

We are on a wave.  I didn’t know how big it would be when I first started riding it.  I just dug in, paddled as hard as I could, and stood up.  I imagine it’s similar for you as well in your experience with CrossFit and CFCM.  Well let me be the first to let you know that wave we are riding is a monster.  It keeps getting bigger, the ride more exhilarating.  We can’t tell the wave to calm down, we can’t tell it get smaller, or to go slower.  Bailing out is always an option, but then what?  Miss this ride?  The ride of a life time?

Not a chance.

So, the choice is yours.  Keep moving with me or bail out on the ride of a lifetime.