You are not who you are seen to be. People can only define you by your past actions. They can only see the things you have done or the physical body you happen to have at this very moment. They draw conclusions and make assumptions by what they know or what they have seen before, but that is not who you are right now.

When you see a newborn child, you place no judgment on them as a person. They are a blank slate. If you have no context as to who their parents are, what socioeconomic footprint they fell into, you literally view them with awe and expectation. You wonder who that person will be, what they will think, what they will like and dislike. You have no framework to position them within your realm of judgment.

When you meet someone new for the first time you start to attempt to make sense of them. You judge their clothing, their weight, their physical appearance, their smell, their facial expressions, everything you can as quickly as you can without even thinking about it. And over time, the more you know about someone’s actions, you develop a thought and a definition as to exactly “who” you now think that person is.

But herein lies the wonder. That definition of who that person is; the same definitions you have for everyone in your life, and the same one everyone has about you… that definition is NOT you. It’s just the” you” they have reflecting into the present from the past and seen through the judgment of their minds.

It’s not “you” right now in this moment.

Right now in this moment your “you” is in your purest form; full of expectation and limitless opportunity. Right now in this moment you are whoever you want to be.

You have the choice to be who you have been in the past or to be who you may become in the future.

This is the glory of humanity, the hope for our species and the hope for our own sanity. This is the divine truth burning in each human soul; the amazing gift that sustains us, the gift of free will and human choice … and in that gift lies our deepest hope.

The hope for ourselves…the hope for our future…the hope that we are not doomed to repeat the past nor doomed to walk our current path to destruction.

For in this moment, which is ALL moments… in all of time. You get to make a choice. You are not who you are seen to be, that is a dead echo of an old you, and it’s not you right now. You are who you are choosing to be RIGHT now, in this moment, this second, in this one decision, at this one fork in the road.

All choices are right here right now in one moment, this moment, your moment.

Take it.

Chose and live.